Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Multi Fuel Stove made of? Steel and Cast Iron.
  2. How does the Multi Fuel Stove light? Electric Ignition:
    Load fuel, select the desired fuel range, then push ‘yes’ for electric start.
    Manual ignition:
    Load fuel, select the desired fuel range, and press no for manual start. Fill the firepot with a handful of fuel, and add two tablespoons of burning gel if using wood pellets. Light the fuel in the firepot, then press ‘on’ on the controller
    See pages 13-16 in the MF3800 Operation and Maintenance Manual for more information on lighting.
  3. How are the fumes handled? There are no fumes, although there may be a slight odor during ignition.
  4. Is the Multi Fuel Stove designed to heat one room only, or many rooms? The Multi Fuel Pellet Stove is best used in one room or for ‘zone’ heating. Our patented Tri-X Heat Control is specified to heat 2200 square feet.
  5. Does the Multi Fuel Stove need special wiring or can it run on standard 110 volt wiring? Does it just plug in, or does it need to be hardwired? A Multi Fuel Pellet Stove is plugged into a regular household 110V outlet.
  6. How is the Multi Fuel Stove vented? Can the stove pipe be roof vented or direct (back wall) vented? All Cumberland Stove Works Multi-Fuel Pellet Stoves can be roof vented (up), direct vented (back wall – out), or can be vented through an existing chimney that is not used for any other existing appliance.
  7. How time consuming or costly is the Multi Fuel Stove to maintain over time? There is a minimum amount of maintenance with the Multi Fuel Pellet Stove. During the heating season—expect to spend up to 15 minutes per day and a good thorough cleaning at the end of the heating season is suggested.
    Any parts needing replacement can be purchased through
  8. Does the Multi Fuel Stove have a variable speed fan? Yes, the fan is adjusted through our Tri-X heat controller and there is a Circulating Air Filter that filters out debris from the house along with pet hair which extends the fan life and increases the fan’s effectiveness.
  9. How easy is it to fill the Multi Fuel Stove with fuel? Very easy, just open the hopper lid, and fill to capacity which is about 60 lbs. One full hopper lasts from 24 to 36 hours. The burn time depends on the feed rate.
  10. Do I need a special floor or base for the Multi Fuel Stove? Yes, a standard Hearth Pad is needed for most fire code and insurance requirements. however, CSW multi-fuel stoves are certified for installation, with or without legs, and with ember protection.
  11. Does the thermostat respond to your comfort level? Yes, just set the thermostat to your desired temperature and the stove maintains that temperature.
  12. What kinds of fuel can be burned in the Multi Fuel Stove? What happens if I want to switch between fuels? Thee MF3800 stove is designed and approved for pelletized wood fuel, cherry pits, and corn. Corn must contain less than 14% moisture content.
    Simply select the type of fuel you are burning on the Tri-X heat controller. There is no need to switch out burn pots for a different kind of fuel.
  13. Do I need to worry about the fuel getting clogged in the Multi Fuel Stove? No, our hopper and auger style eliminate clogging of fuel.
  14. What happens if the power goes out? The Multi Fuel Pellet Stove will automatically shut down.
  15. Was the Multi Fuel Stove designed to run alternative fuels or is it a wood stove converted to a multi-fuel unit? Our Multi Fuel Pellet Stove is the first of its kind. Our engineers designed this Multi Fuel Pellet Stove from the ground up, and it was always intended to be a biomass fuel burning unit.
  16. Can I use a remote thermostat with my CSW stove? Yes, any 24V mechanical thermostat will work with all CSW stoves. The MF3800 has a thermostat built in. Simply select the desired room temperature, and the stove will shut off and restart when necessary.
    Warning: Cumberland Stove Works does not recommend using a thermostat with corn or corn-pellet blends.